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TIF Sponsored Throwers

Sponsoring throwers to give them special opportunities that they might not have otherwise been able to have is a core part of the TIF mission. Listed here are all the throwers that TIF has sponsored for WATL major events.

2024 World Championships


Kyle Ingram-Sayeau

Meet Kyle Ingram-Sayeau, the axe-wielding dynamo from the Great White North, proudly known as "The Deaf Guy" in the throwing circles. Armed with a cochlear implant... read more


Logan Keehn

Meet Logan Keehn, the axe maestro from Manitowoc, Wisconsin! Throwing at 608 Green Bay, Logan embraces the thrill of Hatchet, Duals, and WKTL Knives disciplines... read more


Stjepan Richtaritsch

Stjepan Richtaritsch, a proud resident of Kitchener, Ontario, ventured into the world of axe throwing in 2016. Initially dragged to a friend's birthday bash at an axe-throwing venue... read more


Eitan Goldmeer

Eitan “Spartacus” Goldmeer discovered his passion for axe throwing during a tumultuous chapter of his life. Hailing from New York, Eitan stumbled upon axe and knife throwing... read more


Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown needs no introduction, as a 3-time World Champion thrower and multi-discipline maestro from Murfreesboro, TN, representing... read more


Shane Funke

Shane “The Golden Eagle” Funke is an axe aficionado from West Des Moines, Iowa, and manager at Ironside Axe Club! Shane's journey into the world of more


Brittany Austin

Embark on an axe-ceptional adventure with Brittany Austin, the undisputed axe royalty reigning over the vibrant landscapes of Auckland, New Zealand. Her journey... read more


Lana Gascoigne

This is Lana Gascoigne, the axe-throwing dynamo hailing from New Zealand! Throwing out of Sweet Axe Throwing in Aukland, Lana is competing in Hatchet and Big Axe... read more


Steve Bridges

Steve "Trash Panda" Bridges is a Hatchet and Dual competitor from Springfield, IL! Steve embraced axe throwing in 2021 at Real Ax after his wife and best friend... read more


Louie Perkins

 Meet Louie Perkins, the seasoned axe enthusiast hailing from Berrien Springs, Michigan, and proudly representing Lumberjax Urban Axe Throwing. Louie delved into... read more

2023 WATL USA ProAm Championships


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Steven "all the balls" Olazabal

Meet Steven! He’s been throwing 17 seasons total at 3 locations in just over 2 years! Steven is an avid collector of venue shirts and sharp things. He’s been throwing hatchets... read more


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Stjepan Richtaritsch

Let me introduce you to Stjepan!  He’s been throwing since 2016 both IATF and WATL! Coming out of Bad Axe Waterloo in Ontario Canada, his love of throwing all things sharp... read more


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Vicki Howard

Here’s Vicki! She also comes to us from the UK! Vicki throws out of Bad Axe while working at Whistle Punks Axe Throwing in London. Vicki has been throwing for 6 Seasons... read more


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Jared Thompson

Meet Jared Thompson! He comes to us from Timberbeast in Medina Ohio where he’s been throwing for 16 Seasons. read more


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Michael Arita

Coming to ya from out of Section 715 in Wisconsin we have Michael! He’s been throwing for 11 seasons now. He found axe throwing when he was brought to a venue for his birthday... read more


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Camron MacDougall

From all the way across the pond, we have Cameron MacDougall! He’s been throwing out of Bad Axe Throwing, Croydon for 8 seasons. During the pandemic in London... read more


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Kyle Durrant

If you haven’t met him you soon will, here’s Kyle Durrant out of Cascadia Axe Throwing Company in Medford Oregon! Kyle has been throwing for 31 seasons! He’s been... read more


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Dean Cooper

Dean Cooper comes to us from deep I the heart of Texas! Straight outta Drengr Axe Throwing, he’s been throwing... read more


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Tasia Cobbs

All the way from USAXE in Fargo North Dakota we have Tasia Cobbs! She’s been throwing for just 8 seasons but she’s already a seasoned veteran of the sport and community. read more

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Adam Bauer

Let’s give a warm welcome to Adam Bauer! Adam throws out of Fondy Axe Company in Fond du Lac Wisconsin where he’s been throwing for 3 seasons. He was introduced... read more


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Melody Rohaly

Melody is coming to us straight outta Plaid and Timber in Jasper Indiana! She started throwing in 2019 when she saw a mobile unit at a food truck rodeo. It was the best... read more

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