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Louie Perkins

🪓 Meet Louie Perkins, the seasoned axe enthusiast hailing from Berrien Springs, Michigan, and proudly representing Lumberjax Urban Axe Throwing. Louie delved into the captivating world of axe throwing in 2021, quickly mastering various disciplines like Hatchet, Big Axe, Duals, WKTL Knives, and WKTL Duals. Although he has a soft spot for Duals, Louie is gearing up to showcase his prowess in WKTL Knives at the upcoming 2024 WAKTC.

Louie's journey into the axe-throwing realm began with a casual invitation from a friend to join a league at Lumberjax. Little did he know that this simple initiation would blossom into a full-fledged love affair with axes and knives. Describing the axe-throwing community as more than just a group of enthusiasts, Louie sees it as a second family. Tournaments, according to him, feel like lively family reunions, complete with spirited laughs and high-fives.

If Louie could pick a throwing partner to share a lane, it would undoubtedly be Dylan Teets. Beyond Dylan's impressive skills, Louie admires his ability to throw axes while maintaining a top-notch performance and cracking a few jokes. Reflecting on his most memorable tournament moment at Worlds 2022, where he secured the 13th spot in knives, Louie marvels at how a few well-aimed throws can turn the tables.


Not just a throwing virtuoso, Louie is also an advocate for the inclusive spirit of axe throwing. For him, this sport breaks barriers – age, gender, or body type, everyone can take a swing at it. Louie once turned down multiple baseball scholarships to pursue his axe-throwing dreams and a career in special education, showcasing his commitment to the road less traveled. When Louie isn't honing his throwing skills, he indulges in his other passion – whitetail deer hunting. Armed with customized axes courtesy of Devil Dog Axe Company, Louie is a regular participant in tournaments and finds solace within the axe-throwing community. In the midst of life's challenges, this second family provides the perfect recipe for relaxation, camaraderie, and a fair share of axe-citement. Stay tuned for Louie's axe-stravaganza at WAKTC 2024.

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