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Lindsay Robin

Hometown: Calgary, AB, Canada
Home Venue: The Range

Lindsay Robin hails from Calgary, Alberta, and has made The Range her home venue since she began her axe-throwing journey in 2019. A friend initially lured her into the sport with the promise of fun art projects, and she quickly became captivated. Competing in Hatchet, Big Axe, and Doubles, Lindsay has established herself as a formidable competitor in the axe-throwing community. This year, she is set to compete in the 2024 International Axe Throwing Championships (IATC) in Doubles, Under 65, Women's, and Close But No Cigar events.

For Lindsay, axe throwing is more than just a sport; it's about the people. She thrives on the challenge it presents but finds the most joy in the vibrant and quirky community that surrounds it. Describing her fellow throwers as "glorious weirdos," she feels alive in their company. Known by the nickname "Zero," a playful nod to her talent for catching viruses, Lindsay's alter-ego reflects her blend of humor and resilience.

The axe throwing community means the world to Lindsay. It offers fun, acceptance, and an unlimited source of dirty jokes and general inappropriateness, for which she is grateful every day. If she could choose to throw alongside anyone, Dara Dumont, Cole Neis, and her dear friend m'Denny would be at the top of her list. One of her most memorable moments in the sport was during Round 1 last year when Stormy called her "scary," a compliment that still makes her silently “squeee” when she remembers it.

Lindsay's favorite axe-throwing quote is, "I touched a butt!" (you’re going to have to ask her about this!) This humorous outlook on the sport exemplifies her personality. She strives to embody the values of the TiF by including everyone and offering encouragement and support. Each year, she donates her unique leather creations to support various venues and charities, further demonstrating her commitment to the community.

Beyond axe throwing, Lindsay is an artist and pianist. Her heritage is quite unique; she jokingly claims to be half Vulcan, as her father was born in Vulcan, Alberta. She regularly throws at Live Edge and True North Lethbridge and prefers to use a Plumb axe. Her first tournament was the Labour Day Classic, and her motivation to compete and earn a bid for the 2023 IATC was driven by what she describes as a mix of masochism and insanity.

Zero also has a penchant for bubble tea, which she lists as her favorite food. Lindsay Robin's journey in axe throwing is marked by her passion for the sport, her love for the community, and her dedication to fostering inclusivity and support among her fellow throwers.

Good luck Lindsay, we will all be cheering for you!

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