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Alexandra Hugginson

Hometown: Tamworth, UK
Home Venue: Lumberjaxs UK

Alexandra Hugginson, from Tamworth, UK, began her journey in axe throwing in 2019. She visited a venue on a date with Coggy, which after being made redundant (laid off for the North Americans) inspired them to open their own venue. The community they built within 12 months led them to join the IATF. She loves competing in Hatchet and Big Axe disciplines, and will be participating in both the Hatchet and Women’s tournaments at the 2024 IATC, hatchet being her favorite discipline.

Alex, affectionately known as "Kitty" from her gamer tag, considers the axe-throwing community her family, especially after experiencing personal losses. This supportive network helped her through a recent mental health crisis, reinforcing her commitment to the community. Her most memorable moment was making it to 9th place in the Under 65 tournament at last year’s IATC, an achievement she didn’t anticipate.

Dedicated to embodying TiF values, Alexandra has been instrumental in various community initiatives, including supporting women’s hostels and raising awareness for period poverty. After losing her brother to suicide, she ensured Lumberjaxs became a safe haven for those in need. She often allows struggling individuals to participate in leagues by doing little jobs and has even provided shelter to a homeless thrower.

With a small venue of just two lanes but a thriving community of over 100 members, Alexandra manages five leagues a week. Despite the exhaustive schedule, she finds satisfaction in the strong community engagement. She throws a Warrior Hudson, WATL Ace, and a Draper big axe, with her first tournament being the Warriors in Coburg.

Alex’s stepson, Connor Hugginson, also excels in axe throwing, securing a bid through the European regionals. Her favorite vacation was to Goa, and she has an adventurous palate, having eaten a scorpion.

She candidly speaks about her struggles with mental health, emphasizing the importance of open discussions to prevent tragedies like her brother’s suicide. The support from the axe-throwing community and her involvement with TiF has significantly boosted her self-confidence.

Kitty's commitment to her community extends beyond axe throwing, though she modestly refrains from publicizing her numerous contributions.

TiF and the community will be cheering for you at IATC this year Kitty!

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