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Stjepan Richtaritsch

🪓 Stjepan Richtaritsch, a proud resident of Kitchener, Ontario, ventured into the world of axe throwing in 2016. Initially dragged to a friend's birthday bash at an axe-throwing venue, Stjepan's first attempts were less than stellar until a venue coach turned frustration into fascination, and from that day forward, he's been a devoted disciple of the axe-throwing realm.

Now, Stjepan is a multidisciplinary thrower who regularly competes in Hatchet, Big Axe, Duals, and WKTL Knives. His weapon of choice, the Queen of Hearts Hatchet, has seen its fair share of bullseyes under his precise command.

For Stjepan, the axe-throwing community is a tightly-knit global network, spanning Ontario, Arizona, and Wisconsin, as some examples of where he’s thrown. To him, it's a community defined by camaraderie, shared achievements, and perhaps a friendly debate or two about the best syrup accompaniment. The friendships forged in this community echo the sound of a well-thrown axe hitting its mark.

Away from the throwing lanes, you'll find Stjepan immersing himself in hockey, accordion tunes, and the spirited ambiance of Oktoberfest.  In fact, he’s such an Oktoberfest aficionado that he spends countless hours every year supporting the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world (Outside of Germany).  He also held a personal Guinness World record related to his participation in these events.  If you see him, you should ask him how many steins of beer he can carry, it’s VERY impressive.  As his family grows—both within the axe community and at home with a little one on the way—Stjepan remains a steadfast pillar of support, contributing his skills not just to league success but also to the overall growth of the axe-throwing phenomenon.

In the quiet of a Canadian forest or the buzz of an axe-throwing tournament, Stjepan Richtaritsch stands tall, embodying the essence of dedication and sportsmanship. It's not just about hitting targets; it's about the shared journey and the universal language spoken by the satisfying thud of a thrown axe. 

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