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Tasia Cobbs

All the way from USAXE in Fargo North Dakota we have Tasia Cobbs! She’s been throwing for just 8 seasons but she’s already a seasoned veteran of the sport and community.

She started working at a local venue in Idaho and threw some leagues and fell in love. She won a Duals ticket through the lottery for the US Open in 2022, now She’s been to over 15 tournaments in the last year!


Tasia loves all the travel and amazing people axe throwing has brought into her life, and can’t wait to continue travelling and meeting more of the community. This year she hopes to start throwing Big Axe competitively. She also hopes to travel to Angrywood in Tulsa OK, and Worlds 2023. For 2024 she plans on going to Cascadia West Side Special, Keystone, Capital City, Ironside.

During her travels, she has met a vast portion of the community but was super excited to meet Ryan Smit, Michael Philabaum and Zac Crawford. One of her favorite sayings comes from Vail Cook "Bullseyes are red. Killshots are blue. If you're not at Far-Thro,f**k you!"

While not competing and travelling Tasia enjoys painting and doing design work for her clients. She’s also a huge music person attending concerts and running street teams for over 20 years. She also loves SpaceX and all space exploration.

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