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Marie-Anick Savard

Hometown: Montréal, QC, Canada
Home Venue: Rage

Marie-Anick Savard, a passionate axe thrower from Montréal, began her journey in the sport in 2023. She enjoys competing in both Hatchet and Big Axe disciplines, and she will be participating in the Under 55 category at the 2024 IATC. Her favorite discipline is Big Axe, where she finds the challenge and thrill particularly rewarding.

Marie-Anick’s introduction to axe throwing was serendipitous. She was part of a friend group deeply embedded in the sport, and in April 2023, seeking social interaction during a tough time, she began attending league nights at Rage just to hang out. The community's warmth and inclusivity soon drew her in, and she started throwing regularly. A year later, she is fully immersed and loving every moment.

The people are what Marie-Anick loves most about axe throwing. She treasures the friendships she has built and the joy of spending league nights with some of her closest friends. Whether she has a great night or throws poorly, the camaraderie and support make every session worthwhile.

Her nickname, "Skittle Goblin," has an amusing origin. Before she even started throwing, her friends would bring Skittles to league nights for her. On her first night, while nervously eating Skittles before a game, a friend dubbed her the "Skittle Goblin," a name that has stuck ever since.

To Marie-Anick, the axe community means everything. Even before she threw her first axe, community members offered tips, shared their axes, and helped her improve. She strives to extend the same welcoming spirit to new members, ensuring everyone feels included and supported.

If she could throw next to any thrower, it would be Wulf. Playing against him is always special; he is supportive and genuinely happy when she does well, even if she wins. His encouragement helps alleviate her performance anxiety, making their matches enjoyable and relaxed.

Her most memorable moment came when she hit her first clutch, even before joining the league officially. The moment was captured on a friend’s stream, and the excitement and encouragement from others made it unforgettable. You can watch it here:

Marie-Anick’s favorite quote, "We're going to BIG AXE," reflects her love for the discipline and the excitement it brings. She embodies the values of TiF by always being eager to help new members, cheering on all throwers, and fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.

An interesting fact about Marie-Anick is her research in auditory cognitive neuroscience as a PhD student. She spends her days studying brains, often jokingly showing off her brain scans. She also has a vast collection of dice, a nod to her love for Dungeons & Dragons.

Marie-Anick has participated in tournaments at Warriors (Cobourg) and throws occasionally at Tomahawk (Québec). Her first tournament was the Tune-Up Tournament at Warriors in November 2023.
Her motivation for competing in the 2023 IATC stemmed from her desire to join her friends and enjoy the community spirit at such a prestigious event. She looks forward to taking a break from her studies and fully engaging in the axe-throwing festivities.

Outside of axe throwing, Marie-Anick enjoys playing D&D. She works as a PhD student and previously volunteered for a non-profit promoting literacy across Canada, a role that led her to the world of axe throwing.

Marie-Anick’s journey into axe throwing, driven by the community's support and her friends' encouragement, exemplifies the inclusive and welcoming nature of the sport. She continues to grow as a thrower and a valued member of the axe throwing family, and we can’t wait to see how well she does at IATC!

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