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Brittany Austin

🪓 Embark on an axe-ceptional adventure with Brittany Austin, the undisputed axe royalty reigning over the vibrant landscapes of Auckland, New Zealand. Her journey into the thrilling realm of axe throwing commenced in 2020 at Sweet Axe Throwing Company, where she swiftly conquered the nuances of Hatchet, Big Axe, and Duals disciplines. As the WAKTC 2024 approaches, Brittany, armed with her signature cheeky banter and a wicked throw, is gearing up to leave her mark in the Hatchet and Big Axe categories.

Brittany's initiation into the world of axe throwing was nothing short of a masterpiece. Picture a novice Brittany, dropping axes left and right during her taster session, prompting a momentary identity crisis because she has always been able to pick up sports quickly. Fear not, for our heroine swiftly pivoted, transforming her trajectory, and took second place on her debut night, etching her name into the annals of axe-throwing history in Aukland.

What sets axe throwing apart for Brittany is not just the precision and skill it demands but its inherent inclusivity. The Auckland axe community at her home venue isn't merely diverse; it's a colorful mosaic of personalities, where banter and a shared desire for success blend seamlessly. Among her fondest memories is the tale of toppling an undefeated venue manager, rewriting league dynamics, and injecting a hearty dose of humor into the competition.


Brittany, a torchbearer of TiF values, doesn't merely aim for bullseyes—she throws in a twist. Opting for killshots, she infuses each game with an unpredictable thrill, ensuring every thrower, from wide-eyed beginners to seasoned pros, has a blast. As a dedicated venue manager, she actively nurtures a league culture where support, camaraderie, and a generous sprinkling of humor thrive. Brittany's journey is an awe-inspiring, laughter-infused odyssey through the joy of axe throwing, solidifying her status among the royalty of the Auckland axe realm.

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