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Melody Rohaly

Melody is coming to us straight outta Plaid and Timber in Jasper Indiana! She started throwing in 2019 when she saw a mobile unit at a food truck rodeo. It was the best $20 therapy she could find and hasn’t stopped throwing yet. 

Like most people she loves the community, it truly has become another family for her, it's one of the many things she loves about this sport. Travel, seeing new places, and eating anywhere that isn’t available back home is also a big bonus!


Angrywood, Pro-Am, and The Melee Championship are the next few tournaments for her. Looking forward to 2024 her goal is to not be terrible at throwing sharp things. Or at least less terrible. The one thrower She’d like to meet is the first woman world champion because there will be one soon!

When not practicing being mediocre at axe/knife throwing side hustles include making lopsided donuts, causing mayhem and mischief, and being an anger translator. Any free time includes trips to the lake, winning bingo, and being the crazy neighborhood cat lady.

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