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Tristan Campbell

Hometown: Perth, Australia
Home Venue: Lumberpunks

Tristan Campbell hails from Perth, Australia, and has been a dedicated axe thrower since 2023. His home venue is Lumberpunks, and he regularly throws at Maniax in Perth as well. Competing in the Hatchet discipline, Tristan is set to participate in the Hatchet and Global Showdown tournaments at the 2024 IATC. Hatchet remains his favorite discipline, a passion ignited by his wife who introduced him to axe throwing after experiencing it in the US.

Tristan cherishes the people in the axe-throwing community, valuing their camaraderie and support. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2020, he found a new sense of belonging within this quirky and accepting community. This acceptance is especially meaningful as it allows him to focus on his abilities rather than his limitations.

One of Tristan's most memorable moments in the league was costume night, where he wore an inflatable T. rex suit. Despite concerns about his performance, it was a night filled with fun and laughter. Embodying the values of TiF, Tristan adheres to principles of truth, fairness, goodwill, and friendship. His experience with Parkinson's has deepened his commitment to kindness and support within the community.

Outside of axe throwing, Tristan is a researcher at a university, a family man, and an avid antiques collector. He loves Western Australia's landscape and enjoys making a mean cup of coffee. His unique challenges include managing Early-onset Parkinson's, which requires careful medication management to stay functional. The "Give Parkinson's the Axe" campaign has been a platform for raising awareness about these challenges. Search for “Give Parkinson’s the Axe” to learn more about his efforts on this front, including details for his Axe Social Fundraiser at BATL Port Lands on June 15.

Tristan throws a range of axes, often creating his own combinations of heads and handles. His first tournament was the IATF marathon in early 2024. His family is also involved in axe throwing; his wife and son throw regularly as part of their team 'Soup-er-stars', while his daughter participates occasionally. Despite the challenges, the axe-throwing community and support from TiF provide a space where he can enjoy himself and feel supported on both good and bad days.

We will be cheering for you at IATC Tristan!

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