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Eitan Goldmeer

Eitan “Spartacus” Goldmeer discovered his passion for axe throwing during a tumultuous chapter of his life. Hailing from New York, Eitan stumbled upon axe and knife throwing almost serendipitously amidst the challenges of the pandemic. 

What began as a casual foray into a socially distanced league on a windy Tuesday night quickly transformed into an all-consuming passion. Drawn not only to the thrill of competition but also to the sense of camaraderie and belonging within the community, Eitan found solace and purpose on the throwing lanes.

Despite facing personal battles with anxiety and depression, Eitan's involvement in axe throwing has provided him with a sanctuary—a place where he can channel his focus, passion, and pride. Beyond his accomplishments as a competitor, Eitan is also deeply engaged in his professional life, serving his community through his work in the New York State Legislature. He embodies the values of inclusivity, respect, and giving back, both on and off the throwing lanes, striving to create a welcoming environment for all throwers regardless of background or experience.


Eitan's journey in the sport has been marked by memorable moments of triumph and camaraderie. From forming close bonds with fellow throwers to competing alongside his duals partner, Joe Handy, Eitan has embraced every aspect of the axe-throwing community. His dedication to the sport has earned him recognition not only for his skill on the lanes but also for his contributions as a mentor and advocate for tolerance and respect. Through organizations like TiF, Eitan continues to thrive, cherishing the friendships forged and the support received along the way.


Outside of his throwing pursuits, Eitan is an accomplished singer, having performed on prestigious stages such as David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera House, and Carnegie Hall. He also enjoys collecting chess sets and indulging in board games with friends and family. With aspirations to excel further in the sport, Eitan's journey continues, fueled by his unwavering passion for axe throwing and the enduring sense of community it provides. As he prepares for the 2024 WAKTC, Eitan remains committed to pushing his limits and embracing every opportunity for growth and camaraderie on the throwing lanes.

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