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Michael Arita

Coming to ya from out of Section 715 in Wisconsin we have Michael! He’s been throwing for 11 seasons now. He found axe throwing when he was brought to a venue for his birthday and was immediately hooked after throwing for an hour.

What Michael enjoys most about axe throwing is it’s the only way for him to get out of his shell and meet absolutely amazing people from all around. He’s very much a “keep to myself” type of person. This is one of the best ways for him to meet like-minded people.

While his first tournament was the Ironside Open in 2021 he plans on attending Angrywood and the Pro-Am, while hoping to make it to as many as he can this year! For 2024 he hopes to continue to stay in the top 30 for Knives and hopefully make it to Worlds for Hatchet, Big Axe, and Knives.

Michael has met a lot of the throwers that he’s wanted to meet and hopes one day he can sit down and just hang out with them and discuss how to “throw better” In his spare time he is an avid gym enthusiast and you might be able to catch him on Twitch, gaming.

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