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Adam Bauer

Let’s give a warm welcome to Adam Bauer! Adam throws out of Fondy Axe Company in Fond du Lac Wisconsin where he’s been throwing for 3 seasons. He was introduced to axe throwing by a friend and got hooked immediately.

He absolutely loves the community. From the first moment he walked into a venue he felt welcome, and has had nothing but wonderful experiences the longer he’s been involved. Other competitors have been incredibly supportive and willing to help those around them improve, which isn't always the case in competitive settings.

His goal for this Fall season is to break 50 for a new personal high score. While the Pro-Am will be his first tournament he’s been a spectator at Titan Town this year. While not personally knowing any particularly famous throwers, he has had exclusively great experiences in the community so he is excited to meet everyone that he can!

While not at the venue practicing Adam enjoys video games and board games, and recently joined a Backgammon club in the area.

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