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Logan Keehn

🪓 Meet Logan Keehn, the axe maestro from Manitowoc, Wisconsin! 🧀 Throwing at 608 Green Bay, Logan embraces the thrill of Hatchet, Duals, and WKTL Knives disciplines. Logan says he does not have a nickname in axe throwing yet, but we are sure that he will be given one very soon!

🔥 Logan's axe journey kicked off in 2021 when a local venue opened in his town. He turned to YouTube for guidance on the art of throwing sharp objects and fell in love with the vibrant axe community. He admires Vin Crescenzo, recalling him as the first to offer guidance on his big axe throw.

👥 For Logan, the axe community feels like a family reunion—encountering diverse individuals united by a shared passion for throwing sharp things. His most memorable tournament was the Hub City Open in Aberdeen, SD. Why? Not only did he throw lights out, but he was wearing a sweet shirt with his kilt, airing out his “chest meat” as he refers to it. 🤣


🌐 Logan embodies TiF values by supporting lesser-known throwers, cheering for matches, and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community. He loves the “family reunion vibes” that he gets from the community. He does not get to as many tournaments as he would like to, but when he does, he always has a great time.


🏞️ Beyond the lanes, Logan's a landscape designer with a love for Mexican food and noodles. While describing himself as an "average overweight homeless-looking guy," he appreciates the affirming support from the axe-throwing community.


🛠️ With a robust work schedule, Logan finds solace and encouragement in the axe-throwing community, reinforcing his belief in his worth and the positive connections formed through the sport.


🌟 If you find yourself next to him in a lane, don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor, and gentle smile. He will bullseye and killshot his way through a match without mercy, making him one to watch at WAKTC!

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