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Mackenzie Whitehouse

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Home Venue: BATL Hamilton

Mackenzie Whitehouse began her axe-throwing journey in 2022 and quickly fell in love with the sport. Competing in Hatchet, she will be participating in the Under 65, Women’s Tournament, and Close But No Cigar categories at the 2024 IATC. Her favorite discipline is Hatchet, where she thrives on the precision and skill it demands.

Mackenzie’s introduction to axe throwing came through a friend who invited her to throw with his college friends. Enjoying the experience, she joined a league and found herself immersed in the axe-throwing community. What she loves most is the diversity, friendliness, and welcoming nature of the community, where laughter and camaraderie are always present.

Nicknamed "Big 🍆 Energy" for her high-energy performance and enthusiasm during a match, Mackenzie embraces the fun and lighthearted spirit of the sport. The axe community means everything to her; it's a giant, ever-expanding family where everyone belongs and supports one another, providing a safe and encouraging environment.

If she could be in a lane next to any thrower, it would be Jon Pett. His friendly demeanor and ability to make everyone smile make throwing against him a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Mackenzie’s most memorable tournament moment was qualifying for the top 16 in her second Highway to Hamilton tournament, marking significant progress since she first started.

Her favorite axe-throwing quote, "You can't park there," adds a touch of humor to her approach to the sport. Mackenzie embodies the values of TiF by cheering on all throwers, even her competitors, and taking the time to learn about everyone’s unique stories.

Mackenzie has a vast knowledge of random, mildly interesting facts that benefit no one (according to her), but add to her quirky charm. She has visited BATL Portlands and Lumberjacks in Cambridge, enjoying the experience of different venues. She throws with a Beaver brand throwing hatchet and remembers her first tournament as the inaugural Highways to Hamilton.

Motivated by her friends who have competed in various IATC tournaments, Mackenzie aspires to be just as amazing as they are. Outside of axe throwing, she enjoys baking, hiking, playing video games, working on beading projects, playing D&D with friends, and playing the piano.

Mackenzie works at a deli and bread bakery most days and bartends on the weekends. Her favorite food is sweetbread, which, despite its name, is neither sweet nor bread. Her passion for axe throwing and the supportive community around her continue to drive her to improve and enjoy every moment in the sport.

We will all be cheering you on at IATC Mackenzie!

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