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Shane Funke

🪓 Shane “The Golden Eagle” Funke is an axe aficionado from West Des Moines, Iowa, and manager at Ironside Axe Club! 🌽 Shane's journey into the world of axe throwing began in 2019, ignited by his coach, who eventually became his wife.

🎯 Shane is a versatile competitor, excelling in all 4 disciplines; Hatchet, Big Axe, Duals, and WKTL Knives. He has been throwing since 2019, his first-ever tournament being the Ironside Open. His first WATL tournament was the US Open 2020, and he has continued to get better and better since. His favorite discipline currently is knives, which he is consistently a top competitor. His current axes are a  Wrought-Iron Maiden and Escape Artist. For knives, he throws Black Hawks.


💑 For Shane, the axe community is not just a group of competitors but a second family. He values the camaraderie, mutual support, and friendships that transcend the competitive spirit. Notable throwers Shane would love to share a lane with? Lucas Johnson, Dylan Teets, and Casey Briggs - all inspiring him to strive for greatness.


💍 His most memorable axe league or tournament moment? Proposing to his now-wife after winning a match during the Ironside Open 2022. The following year, at Ironside Open 2023, they joyously shared the news of their pregnancy!


🤝 Shane embodies the values of TiF by being ever-supportive, offering assistance wherever needed, be it judging, changing boards, or participating in live streams. The axe community, and his extended family, drive him to contribute to their amazing experiences.


🍔 Did you know that Shane went to culinary arts school? When not practicing his cooking skills or slinging steel, he enjoys playing video games and watching anime,  horror movies, and hockey. All in his favorite footwear, crocs. (which he has also been known to compete in!) He also collects Legos and figurines from his favorite video games and animes, adding a playful touch to his hobbies.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Shane's motivation to compete and earn a bid for the 2024 WAKTC comes from his family, and his steadfast supporters. His immediate family members joining in the axe venture include his wife and their 9-year-old daughter.


👶 Facing the unique challenge of preparing for the arrival of his first baby in March, Shane appreciates the support from the axe community and TiF sponsorship, which helps ease the stress of traveling costs with a newborn.


🌟 Don’t let his jovial nature and perpetual smile fool you tho, Shane will be giving it his all at the upcoming WAKTC championships, and is gunning to be at the top when the dust settles!

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