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Camron MacDougall

From all the way across the pond, we have Cameron MacDougall!


He’s been throwing out of Bad Axe Throwing, Croydon for 8 seasons. During the pandemic in London, when lockdown restrictions were easing, he decided to get out and try axe throwing. He went with his partner Vicki, and they enjoyed it so much that he asked if they had any job openings, and was hired within a few weeks.


He started at Bad Axe's flagship London venue in Wembley Park, and within 6 months he moved to their second venue to help open and run the venue as their new Axe Master.

What Cameron enjoys most about axe throwing is the community of throwers! He got to experience this firsthand in the US at WATC in 2022. Prior to that, he only knew everyone there as a name on a screen, but they all made him feel so welcome, and he loved hanging out and throwing with such amazingly kind and friendly people.


"Everyone wants the see the sport grow, you can see there is so much passion and comradery at these large events, everyone wants to see others succeed even cheering on their own opponents, it is such a great feeling to be around such warm-hearted people."

Looking forward to 2024 Cameron hopes to help in any way he can to push the sport of axe throwing in the UK, either by exposing more people to the sport, helping newcomers to our leagues or helping to organize some larger events/tournaments.  His first ever axe throwing event was the World Axe Throwing Championship 2022 in Appleton Wisconsin, which was his first time in the US as well! Unfortunately, the UK doesn't have many WATL  currently, as the sport is still very new there. For the moment he will take every opportunity to compete in the States, either at Worlds or the Pro-Am Championships.

He’s already lucky enough to meet so many amazing people, the one person he would like to spend more time with would be Miguel Tamburini.

"His passion for the sport is infectious, and being around people that have that kind of passion for the sport makes me happy, I feel like we could talk shop for hours and he would learn a lot from him, like how to 'not be an axehole'"

When Cameron isn’t spreading the axe community around the UK he enjoys motorcycles. They are a huge part of his life. He’s been riding, fixing and talking bikes for over a decade.

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