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Carrie Pahowski

Hometown: St. Catharines, Canada
Home Venue: BATL Niagara Falls

Carrie Pahowski, known affectionately as "Carrot," began her axe-throwing journey in 2018, seeking a new challenge and something to excel in. Competing primarily in Hatchet and Big Axe, she will be participating in the Under 65 category at the 2024 IATC. Her favorite discipline is Big Axe, where she enjoys the precision and skill it demands.

Carrie’s love for axe throwing goes beyond the sport itself; it’s the community that makes it truly special for her. She cherishes the opportunity to see her favorite people and practice trick shots. The support and camaraderie within the community are vital to her mental health, providing a happy place and a sense of belonging. She often makes gifts for her league members, adding a personal touch to league nights.

Nicknamed "Carrot" after a humorous misunderstanding with a fellow thrower who is deaf, Carrie embraces the lighthearted nature of the community. She finds joy in cheering others on, believing in good karma and mutual support. Her favorite quote, "Hit wood not people," encapsulates the playful yet focused spirit of axe throwing.

One of her most memorable moments was achieving a score of 75, marking significant progress in her skills. She is also proud of creating the first successful women's league night at BATL Niagara Falls. Carrie dreams of throwing next to Matt Wilson, the founder of BATL, to test her skills against one of the sport's pioneers.

Carrie embodies the values of TiF through her generosity and encouragement. She’s always bringing gifts to her league members to show appreciation, and respects the spirit of community by cheering everyone on. She is dedicated to introducing new people to the sport, showcasing the welcoming family they can join.

An aspiring contestant on Survivor 47, Carrie is a talented artist and crafter, having been a tattoo apprentice. She balances her love for axe throwing with a busy life, running her own business and working two jobs as a shipping and receiving specialist and a BATL shift supervisor. She also volunteers at IATC and her daughter's school, with her most memorable experience being a pilgrimage to Dominica where she taught English and math and helped clean an old folks' home.

Living with borderline personality disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, eczema, asthma, and multiple allergies presents daily challenges for Carrie. Despite these obstacles, she maintains a positive outlook, always smiling and staying resilient. Carrot attributes the financial support from TiF in helping to alleviate the worry about affording to compete and allowing her to fully engage with the community she loves.

Carrie's axes of choice are an Ace, Reaper, Axe Gang, and Agdor. Her first tournament was the IATC Doubles right before COVID. Motivated by her improvement and desire to be more involved in the community, she earned a bid for the 2023 IATC to make her mark in the sport.

Good luck Carrie, we will be pulling for you at the Under 65 tournament!

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