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Steven “all the balls” Olazabal

Meet Steven! He’s been throwing 17 seasons total at 3 locations in just over 2 years! Steven is an avid collector of venue shirts and sharp things. He’s been throwing hatchets, axes, knives and all other manner of sharp things since he was quite young growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

Now throwing out of The Cut in College Station Texas, he loves that it fits Him to a T. “I love everything about it! I love throwing, teaching people how to throw, spreading awareness about the sport, travelling for competitions, and the one-pointed concentration it provides in that special moment. I am forever grateful to have axe throwing be a large part of my life.”

His first major tournament was the very first Jumping Jackalope Jamboree in Spokane Washington in 2021. He plans on attending as many tournaments as he can afford this year. One of his goals is to hopefully win a few along the way! Steven has gotten to know and has met just about everyone in our throwing community, but is always excited to welcome new throwers into the fold.

“Axe throwing is a healthy reminder that sometimes, you have to just let go and trust in
your own power.”  is a quote that sums up Steven’s philosophy on axe throwing.

While not throwing Steven enjoys all aspects of life from snowboarding to boating you name it, he’s always down for a good time with good people!

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