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Hayden Brown

🪓 Hayden Brown needs no introduction, as a 3-time World Champion thrower and multi-discipline maestro from Murfreesboro, TN, representing Murfreesboro Axe! 🎸 His journey into the thrilling world of axe throwing began in 2020 when he started working at Murfreesboro Axe to support his college journey at MTSU.

🎯 Hayden’s a fierce competitor, engaging in Hatchet, Big Axe, Duals, and WKTL Knives disciplines. His favorite? Duals, where he has carried his team (Brown Johnson) to multiple world-companionships. He has been competing since 2020 (ThrOhio was his first tournament), and currently throws with a Gen 3 Ace of Spades.


📚 Not only is he a top-tier competitor, he is also an audio engineer. He has mixed music and concerts for artists in Nashville, TN, and his dream is to tour the U.S. and internationally for as long as possible.


🎮 When not throwing axes, his hobbies include video games and making music. His favorite food? BBQ chicken pizza! 🍕A cruise to the Virgin Islands stands out as his favorite vacation.

💡 For Hayden, the axe community is a supportive group offering a cool hobby and a stress-relieving outlet. The camaraderie and competition create genuine connections with people from all walks of life. Even as a top competitor, he gives back to the community. Hayden takes time out of his weekend to help coach throwers, even when it is not going well for himself. He also does what he can, applying his audio and video experience to set up and run livestreams for the community.


🏆 Defending his world's title and seeking competitive fun motivates Hayden to earn a bid for the 2024 WAKTC. He enjoys the highly competitive and rewarding weekends, a culmination of year-long efforts.


🎶 It’s not always fun and games for Hayden however, as he faces challenges as a recently graduated college student in the entertainment industry, coupled with daily neck and back pain. The support from the axe/knife-throwing community and TiF not only provides financial assistance but also encourages him to prioritize his physical and mental well-being.


👨‍👨‍👦 Hayden's immediate family members occasionally throw at the backyard target, adding a touch of familial axe-venture.


🌟 We will be cheering on Hayden Brown as he competes in the 2024 WAKTC, defending his title and embodying the spirit of the axe-throwing community!

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