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Steve Bridges

🪓 Steve "Trash Panda" Bridges is a Hatchet and Dual competitor from Springfield, IL! Steve embraced axe throwing in 2021 at Real Ax after his wife and best friend introduced him to the sport in 2019.  

🌟 His passion for throwing extends beyond the target, embodying the values of "Throwing it Forward" through inclusivity and support. Steve, a certified WATL judge, dedicates time to mentor new players at Real Ax, fostering a welcoming community.  Steve is always among the first to reach out to other throwers and friends when they have expressed thoughts of depression or other issues and have offered to let them have someone to speak with to get things off their mind or hear a different perspective.  As much as he’s been able to help his fellow throwers, and they’ve been able to help him, none of them have been able to convince him that his disgust for any type of fruit is ill-founded.

🔥 Steve's journey includes memorable moments like placing 12th at the Midwest Regionals, a testament to his growth as a thrower. His favorite axe throwing quote, "Throw Butter," reflects his smooth style on the lane.  This is also not Steve’s first time at a major championship, he competed at the Pro-AM back in November 2023 as well!


🐱  Steve and his wife are clearly cat lovers, they have 5 of their own, including one who is blind and one who is a perma-kitten, showing his support goes not just to his fellow humans but his animal friends as well.  Steve also has two step-children and two grandchildren on top of his five fur-babies!


💪 Despite facing work-related PTSD, axe throwing has been Steve's refuge, providing a supportive community.  As a police officer turned case manager for homeless veterans, Steve finds solace and relaxation in the rhythmic release of a hatchet. Let's rally behind Trash Panda at the WAKTC and celebrate the strength he brings both on and off the throwing lane! 🎉 

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