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Jamie Raider

Hometown: Calgary, AB, Canada
Home Venue: The Range

Jamie started his axe-throwing journey in 2018. He quickly became immersed in the sport and community when he applied to work at BATL Yorkdale. The supportive environment and passionate staff at Yorkdale played a significant role in his swift attachment to axe throwing.

Jamie competes in Hatchet, Big Axe, and Doubles, with a particular fondness for the Doubles discipline. He will be participating in the Hatchet and Doubles tournaments at the 2024 IATC.

Known by the nickname "Peanut," which originated from a humorous incident related to his nut allergy at BATL Yorkdale, Jamie has embraced this moniker, which even some family members use. The nickname was given by a colleague named Julio and has stuck ever since.

For Jamie, the community aspect of axe throwing is paramount. He describes it as a big family filled with supportive and wonderful people, which played a crucial role in his decision to move to Calgary. Jamie loves making people smile, encouraging others, and showing respect to everyone in the sport.

One of Jamie's most memorable moments in axe throwing was winning the 2023 Terry Ritz Memorial tournament. This victory, his first big tournament win, was a significant achievement that involved overcoming tough competition and brought him to tears.

Jamie’s favorite axe-throwing quote is "For the glory of Yorkdale." An interesting fact about Jamie is that he moved to Calgary with just one suitcase and a guitar, and has now been living there for four years with everything he could possibly need.

In addition to throwing at The Range, Jamie regularly visits Final Axe and Live Edge. He prefer using ShoPro axes and participated in their first tournament in Montreal, at Rage Axe.

Initially, Jamie didn't expect to qualify for the 2023 IATC, but his dedication and love for the community and sport earned him a place. Jamie also enjoys collecting lighters as a hobby and works as a bartender. His favorite food is a nice steak, and their favorite vacation was a solo trip to the Dominican Republic.

Jamie embodies the values of the TiF community by always striving to uplift others and share the joy of axe throwing. We will be cheering for you Peanut!

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