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Jared Thompson

Meet Jared Thompson! He comes to us from Timberbeast in Medina Ohio where he’s been throwing for 16 Seasons.

Jared was introduced to axe throwing when his best friend put him onto a job opportunity at Timberbeast Axe Throwing. It scratches his competitive itch, coming from being a multi sport athlete to playing no sports he needed something to compete in and axe throwing is perfect.


His goal for 2023 is to get a perfect game in hatchet. He’s been one throw off too many times to count so his goal is to get that one throw he’s been missing. Your next opportunity to meet him will be at the Pro-Am in Appleton Wisconsin. One if his first tournaments was a regional tournament he’s most proud of finishing 5th in big axe at ThrOhio this past year.


Being surrounded by great throwers in Ohio he’s met his fair share of big names but the one that sticks out for him is his friend Tyler Flynn, because he’s trash and a nerd. One of the motivational phrases that has helped and stuck with Jared for axe throwing is “throw better” something he strives to do every time he picks up and axe. While he’s not throwing Jared enjoys fishing and lifting.

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