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Kyle "The Deaf Guy" Ingram-Sayeau

Meet Kyle Ingram-Sayeau, the axe-wielding dynamo from the Great White North, proudly known as "The Deaf Guy" in the throwing circles. Armed with a cochlear implant and a penchant for making scorekeepers uncomfortable with eye contact, Kyle kicks off his league journey in 2019, juggling Hatchet and Big Axe disciplines like a pro. His love affair with the competitive side of throwing and the quirky axe-throwing community is as strong as his desire to embrace his deafness – and what better way to do it than with a nickname that raises eyebrows?

Beyond his impressive throwing skills, Kyle is a superstition aficionado, sporting the same lucky pants/shorts for tournaments and carrying a rabbit foot given by a friend at Jumping Jackalope. Rumor has it; the rabbit foot is responsible for more than a few bullseyes.


In between knocking opponents into the B bracket and dreaming of calling "killshot" on throw one against powerhouse Lucas Johnson, Kyle actively supports the axe community. Whether he's running errands for axe clubs or imparting his throwing wisdom to newbies, he's the go-to guy.

As he gears up for the 2024 WAKTC in Hatchet, Kyle, the lone thrower in the family, hopes to convince his wife to become his dueling partner. Because let's face it, nothing says marital bliss like hurling sharp objects together. When he's not throwing, you'll find Kyle reading, watching movies, or engaged in goofy antics with his kids.


Working as a security guard at Ross Memorial Hospital, Kyle faces unique challenges due to his deafness. Yet, the axe/knife throwing community doesn't miss a beat, ensuring he's always in on the action through creative visual score communication – because who needs sound when you're nailing bullseyes and spreading laughter in the axe-throwing arena?

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