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Kaitlyn Barclay

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Home Venue: Lumber Punks Melbourne

Kaitlyn Barclay, affectionately known as "Scar" from her roller derby days, is a passionate and dedicated axe thrower who started her journey in 2023. Competing in Hatchet and Doubles, she has quickly immersed herself in the community, participating in the Under 65 and Women’s tournaments at the 2024 IATC. Her favorite discipline is Hatchet, a skill she began honing as a ‘random adventure’ suggested by a friend. What was intended to be a casual hobby quickly became a defining part of her life. She regularly throws at Valhalla Melbourne and uses a Flying Fox and WATL Butcher axe. Her first tournament was the “Last Ditch to Canada” just a month ago, and she was motivated to compete in the 2023 IATC on a whim, unexpectedly qualifying in her first year.

Scar's love for axe throwing is rooted in the community. The support, humor, and camaraderie she has found among fellow throwers have been unparalleled. Whether it's seasoned throwers taking time to coach her, or competitors like Jay offering guidance even during finals, the spirit of mutual encouragement is what she cherishes most.

Her most memorable moment came during the "Last Ditch to Canada" at Lumber Punks in April, her first tournament, where she hit her first 81 and her first official big axe clutch. Kaitlyn’s favorite quote, "F U Showpony," reflects the lighthearted and supportive banter that defines the community.

Kaitlyn embodies the values of TiF through her actions. She encourages new throwers, pushes others to improve, and exudes positive energy. Winning MVP in the LPAT Spring season of 2023 and sponsoring three women to compete in a tournament are just a few examples of her commitment to the community. Volunteering during the IATC allows her to further immerse herself in this supportive network.

Outside of axe throwing, Kaitlyn has a history in niche sports, having played roller derby for 7-8 years and American football for 5 years. Kaitlyn works in Youth Justice, helping young offenders get back on track.

Living with chronic illnesses such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility, POTS, and Fibromyalgia, along with being neurodivergent, presents daily challenges. Despite chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms, the axe-throwing community’s understanding and support make a significant difference in her life.

Her favorite vacation was a trip to Fiji, where she experienced scuba diving for the first time. Although she doesn’t currently volunteer outside of axe-related activities, her past work with queer youth at a drop-in center was incredibly impactful. Kaitlyn’s journey in axe throwing is a testament to resilience, community spirit, and the joy of discovering a passion that brings people together.

We will be cheering for you at IATC Scar!

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