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Throwing it Forward (TiF) is a registered non-profit - 501(c)(3) dedicated to growing and bringing together the axe-throwing community around the world.



TiF envisions a community where axe throwers unite to encourage and support each other in a positive and constructive manner regardless of their affiliation of choice.

The Vision

The primary goal of TiF, and that of our members, is first and foremost to promote UNITY within the sport. This will be achieved through the actions of our members, both online and off.

A goal such as this is not achieved overnight. It will take time. To support this dream of reunification in the axe throwing community, TiF is working on a number of different fronts to create programs that will add value to tournaments, venues, and players, and will form the foundation of this collective effort. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental and physical support for throwers in need

  • Creation of a fund to assist throwers in need

  • Support the growth of the sport through youth-centric development programs

  • Supporting meaningful and effective charities that help offset the carbon footprint of the sport

Supporting initiatives such as supporting throwers, hosting charitable fundraising events, and providing services to other event holders, all cost money. TiF will host a number of its own contests, tournaments, and other fundraisers in order to support those initiatives.  You can be assured of a couple of things when it comes to supporting TiF in any financial capacity:

  • TiF is officially registered as a 501(c)3 in the United States as a charitable organization

  • All funds donated or raised through events, go towards supporting the goals of the organization as stated above

  • The TiF Board takes no compensation for their time or efforts, above the costs of running the organization which do and may include

    • Website Hosting and Domain Registration Fees

    • Costs associated with operating as a charitable organization

    • Repayment of investments for startup operations and seed funding for donations by the TiF founders

    • Any costs of travel, lodgings, equipment, per-diem or other out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the course of supplying services or hosting events


You can be assured that TiF works extremely hard to minimize costs, and to allow the funds that are raised to go to the programs that support the community. We will maintain an open reporting relationship with our core members and community when it comes to finances.

TiF’s charity of choice is One Tree Planted ( Given the nature of our sport, we all believe in the value of offsetting the impact our sport has on the environment, and that is exactly what One Tree is all about. For every dollar donated, one tree is planted in return. Visit their website to read more about how they use donations to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

Core Values

Smiles and Humour

Above all else, Axe Throwing should always be fun.


TiF believes in a community that welcomes anyone regardless of race, gender expression, socioeconomic status, affiliation of choice or skill level, no individual should ever feel out of place in our community.


TiF members will always strive to support individuals first, and the sport of Axe Throwing second.

Giving Back

We encourage everyone to find ways to give back to the axe throwing community wherever possible. Whether it is simply cheering, supporting and encouraging throwers, giving their own time to judge an event, mentoring another individual or group, or any other form of giving of themselves with nothing expected in return.


TiF and our members strive to value and celebrate the unique perspectives of all individuals in our community, and treat all participants, venues and affiliations with sensitivity and respect, while embracing the Code of Conduct in person and on social media at all times.

TiF Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

These individuals have been instrumental in working with the TIF Founders to define what this collective intends to be. They are due a debt of gratitude from all current, and future members of TIF.

Alan Boyle, Amy Holzgrafe, Andrew Hiscock, Anthony Szymkowiak, Ashley Dotson, Brandon Schell, Carol Twomey-O’Brien, Dusty Sheehan, Ella Campbell, Eric Prater, Goose, Jason Nip, Jave Yoshimoto, Jay Sun, Kathy Garrow, KC Betts, Kendra Kolomyja, Kieran O'donoghue, Kris Van Horne, Krista Mackie, Kristyn Muller Mirasol, Leslie Wellman, Mark Mirasol, Matthew Colavecchia, Molly Flynn, Nick Kolomyja, Paul Varacchi, Ragnar Olafson, Ray Siochowicz, Rebecca Corley, Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts, Rob Leverence, Sara Gerke, Sasha Edwards, Scott Line, Shandelle Warford, Victor Ahluwalia, Walden Cox (Walthrax), Will Gelatko, Zoe "Miss Hatchet" Kellam

Throwing It Forward Member Pledge

I pledge that I will conduct myself with the utmost integrity, fair play and sportsmanship at all times, both inside the lane and out. I pledge to respect my fellow throwers, judges, spectators, governing bodies, and the rules that regulate them, and always strive to put fun ahead of competition. I will seek to embody the values of TiF by mentoring and supporting my peers in Axe Throwing and in life.

Code of Conduct

Treat fellow members, non-members, coaches, judges, opponents, event organizers, spectators and anybody else associated within (and without) the sport of Axe Throwing with respect at all times, online and in person.

Always work to support one another, and forge bonds between all the different affiliations and communities, never seeking to divide it. See guideline #1.

Never, under any circumstances, express online or in person any kind of hate speech, or participate in bullying. Personal attacks (direct or non-direct), slurs, intimidation, trolling, and excessive profanity (we are ALL ages friendly) will not be tolerated. Respect each other's point of view even if it differs from yours. See guideline #1.

Strive to promote the values of Fair Play, integrity and friendship in Axe Throwing, and never condone, encourage, engage in, or defend unsportsmanlike conduct.

Respect the Throwing it Forward (TiF) organization, its founders and managing members. They are here to work for you, are human, and mistakes can happen. Apply the same respect and understanding to them as you would for each other. See guideline #1.

Think before you act/react. If you are not sure if it is appropriate to post/say in person, check with a founder or managing member. Always seek to apply guideline #1 when engaging in disagreements online or in-person.

Never start or participate in online or offline "witch hunts". This will be viewed as bullying (see guideline #2). There are three sides to every story. If an issue arises that appears to break the TiF code of conduct in word or in spirit, always contact the founders or managing members as the first step.


Donate to TIF

Your generous donation goes directly towards supporting members of our community. Whether it is sponsoring a thrower, helping a community member in need, or supporting One Tree Planted, TIF donations go directly to where they will have the biggest impact and are needed the most.

The Founders
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