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Tristan Ledbury

Tristan Ledbury (aka. the "Jack Black of Axe Throwing") has been throwing axes since 2017. The seed that has grown into TiF was initially planted by Tristan. As the community became more and more divided, and negativity crept into the sport, Tristan saw a need to create an organization that brought the fun back, and built bridges between throwers of every description.

Tristan is not only an accomplished thrower (the "Tournament Titan Killer" is what others call him), but he is also a co-founder of the Quarantine Axe Throwing League (QATL), a member of the WATL council, and threw a solid 4 on live television one early morning while being interviewed about QATL. But his entire LIFE does not revolve around axe throwing!

When he is not tickling the pine with his Ace of Spades, Tristan is tickling the funny bone of his almost-one year old daughter. She laughs at all his jokes. So does Mike, so what does that say about him? He puts his family and friends first before anything else. He loves the outdoors, and is drawn to water as an avid SUP'r and swimmer. His day job keeps him busy as a brand builder and package designer. You've probably have seen some of the products he designed on TV and on the shelves of Costco and other major chains. The amazing logo for TiF was designed by Tristan, so you can thank him for that.


Tristan wishes for nothing more than to have fun throwing sharp stuff with the friends and relationships he has built, while giving back to the community that has given him so much joy over the years, and wants everyone else to feel the same.

Brent Killins

TIF was excited to add a new member to our Board in February of 2024. Please welcome Brent Killins!

Brent's journey with axes began in 2018, and he's been passionately throwing with both IATF since then, and with WATL since 2023. What drew him to this community is the remarkable sense of support and inclusiveness. He feels that it's truly special to be part of a group where everyone strives to uplift and help each other grow. 

With a background deeply rooted in the not-for-profit sector, he's been involved in various initiatives, from working with the International Society of Automation to supporting local charities like Relay for Life and the Terry Fox Foundation. Bringing this experience to TIF, he's eager to contribute and foster a community that thrives on support and unity.

Outside of the axe-throwing world, Brent is an avid traveler, having explored the nooks and crannies of Canada and the USA for both work and pleasure. 🌍 As a big hockey fan, he's on a quest to visit every NHL team's home venue, with 22 arenas checked off so far – 20 of which belong to different teams!

In axe throwing and sports in general, Brent's passion lies in bringing people together and supporting the community. he's enthusiastic about working with TIF to extend a helping hand to youth, venues, and individuals within our vibrant community. Let's continue to make axe throwing an even more remarkable and inclusive space for everyone! 

Katelyn Garrow

Katelyn "Lil Foot" Garrow is a nurse working in Forensic Mental Health by day, and a bull splitting lumberjack by night. She started as a coach a few years ago, and quickly developed a love for the game and more importantly, the people. Not satisfied with coaching alone, Katelyn dedicated herself to improving her competition throwing game, and it paid off in spades when she recently smoked one of her mentors, a WATL Pro, and a past WATC runner up in league finals. She is an up and comer for sure!

Katelyn shares Mike and Tristans love for the outdoors. She can be found kayaking or paddle boarding with her dogs on any given day. Did I mention before nursing she studied to become a veterinary rehabilitator? She now in her spare(???) time rescues, trains and rehabilitates dogs. She is a horseback rider, and recently took up archery.


As an Indigenous Afro-Jamaican, Katelyn loves learning about her heritage, and is a member and ally of the anti-racism movement (BLM, Idle No More, etc). We are not sure how she fits time in for TiF with everything she does, but we could not be more grateful that she does!


Her goals for TiF start with uniting the community. She has a deep desire to give back, and for the community to know that there is a group of people all around the world that has their backs. She fells strongly that axe throwing was never a "go for the throat" kind of sport, and believes many of us have lost sight of what axe throwing really is; a community who supports and encourages each other.

Mike Morton

Mike is married and the proud step-father of a daughter way smarter than he is. He was was introduced to axe throwing at a staff Christmas party, and was hooked from the very first stick. After being adopted by his tribe in the Burlington Tuesday night league, and in particular Tristan, the shenanigans have never stopped.


Mike went from the quiet dude in the corner, to helping run the league, organizing and running game nights with Tristan, co-founding QATL, becoming a member (now former) of the WATL Council, and currently to working for the WATL to further the sport.

When he is not axe throwing (so... rarely), Mike can be found cooking, baking, traveling with is wife of 16+ years, snuggling on the couch with their puppy or petting his glorious beard in a thoughtful manner while sipping a tumbler of Islay scotch. He loves anything outdoors, but especially camping, kayaking, and fishing, preferably all at the same time.


Fun Fact: Mike was a Kung-Fu instructor for a few years. Now he can barely kick a leg above his knees!

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