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2023 WATL Pro-Am Skills Sponsorship/Registration

Want to throw fun stuff?


Play unique games?

Don't have a billion dollars to register?

TIF to the rescue!

So uhhh, what's this about?

WATL has made an extremely generous donation to TIF, allowing us to offer a riduclously reduced entry fee for the 2023 WATL Pro-Am Skills Competition (details on what THAT is here).

Members of TIF had the first chance to register, and now it is YOUR turn to support TIF, and get to play some fun and unique axe throwing games too!

I Can Pay to Register

If you are in a position that you are comfortable paying $100 for a skills registration, please register here:


This $100 registration fee will not only get you on a Skills team to play some of the most FUN games WATL has ever created, but it will also help support TIF's ability to sponsor MORE throwers. You will also have the opportunity to add a donation (NOT REQUIRED) to help even more, feel good about yourself, and get extra Karma for the competition!

The Deadline for Registration is August 31, 2023.


So maybe this is your first exposure to TIF, maybe you are already a founding member, or maybe you just want to play fun games at the Pro-Am. Either way, we encourage you to check out exactly what we are about. Click on the menus above, you can see what our Vision, Our Goals, and our Core Values are all about.

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